PSE - Sex, drugs and outta control

What the lesson is about

This collection of resources on drugs and alcohol can provide some excellent support for classroom discussion.

Getting started

"Lesson Starters - Secondary PSHE - Life" tackles the topics of sex, drugs and health. Designed to provoke debate, these short videos show teenagers talking frankly and openly about sex, relationships, drugs, depression, pregnancy, self-harm and divorce.

Taking it further

In Drugs - Breaking the Habit, from Teachers TV, young people talk about their drug and alcohol misuse. Three youngsters speak candidly about their experiences in this video for S1-6. They discuss what drove them to take drugs and potentially put their health, education and futures at risk, and the impact it had on their lives. It also shows how they overcame their addictions with the help of substance abuse services. "Drugs Awareness", from Brummy Boy, provides form-time activities for pupils to learn about the different drugs and know the effects they can have. There are six activities here, including learning about the classification of drugs, what happens if you get caught with them, what counts as dealing and what the maximum sentences are. Alcohol Stories (S1-6) is another Teachers TV video, this time showing how alcohol affected the lives of four young people. Marcio arrived from Angola with his grandmother three years ago; following her death he turned to drink to forget his problems. Tasha contracted a sexually transmitted infection after drinking too much at a party, and Curtis damaged his chances of a career as a professional snooker player by drinking too much. Becky struggled with alcoholism through her teenage years.

Where to find it

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