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PSE - Well-being nurtured

New materials designed to help teachers nurture pupils' emotional well-being have been launched by South Lanarkshire Council in partnership with NHS Lanarkshire.

Emotional literacy is described as "the ability to express and manage our own emotions and respond to the emotions of others in ways that are helpful".

Studies have shown that emotional literacy is a major contributing factor for the development of resilience, which enables children and young people to do well socially, emotionally and academically despite difficulties.

The My SELF and Others framework, which will be distributed to all schools and nurseries in the area, will assist staff in ensuring that children's emotional literacy is part of the curriculum.

The resource includes nine themes for the nine main calendar months of the academic year that link into wider issues and topics.

The themes are:

September - I am a likeable person

October - I am respectful to myself

November - I am talentedskilled

December - I am caring

January - I am happy

February - I am empathic

March - I am a reader

May - I am successful

June - I am hopeful about the future

The binder provides information and suggests materials and resources to support these key themes.

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