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Pse - Widen your web

Nursery-primary transition in Dundee is benefiting from the use of Glow, the Scottish schools' intranet.

Glow Meet, the web-conferencing element of the intranet, has strengthened collaborative links between nurseries and primaries, claims the council.

Last year, it enabled P6 pupils to build up friendships with the new P1 intakes by giving them a virtual classroom tour and providing a friendly face when they started on their first day.

This year, across the city, over the next three or four weeks, clusters of nursery schools will be using Glow Meet to see the inside of the classroom they will join in August, meet their teacher and the current P1 class.

Louise Henderson, education support officer for Dundee City Council, said: "The children come together using Glow Meet without having to leave the comfort of their own nurseries. This is going to make transitions much smoother, giving the children a familiar face when they start school. It will also allow them to meet their new friends who are currently attending other nurseries."

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