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THE BUBBLEGUM GUY - HOW TO DEAL WITH HOW YOU FEEL. By Joost Drost. Lucky DuckPaul Chapman Publishing. pound;18.99

This resource for working with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties focuses on anger and its management, though it ranges more widely, exploring and developing various coping strategies. An introductory overview is followed by separate, succinct guidance for parents and teachers.

Material is based on a central story of a growing child whose anger affects those around him. Each part of the five-chapter story is followed by activities to explore meaning for the child and to put lessons into practice.

The analogy of The Bubblegum Guy learning about himself, others, the world around him and its possibilities for him, is translated cleverly into opportunities to think, to discuss and to explore relevance for the individual or group.

This is a valuable resource (with much copiable material) founded on the need for each young person, and those supporting them, to concentrate on individual personal needs. The book is full of respect, insight, patience and realistic optimism.

Adrian King

Health education consultant

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