Pub quiz

1. In which Olympic event do competitors put their shoes on part way through, then change shoes again later on in the event?

2. What links revenge and the Spanish soup gazpacho?

3. Who was shot by Kristin Shepard on March 21, 1980?

4. The Starlight Barking was the sequel to which classic children's novel?

5. A size zero in US measurements is equivalent to which size of ladies'

clothes in the UK?

6. What name is shared by an 1980s computer and a female friend in Spain and Portugal?

7. On Who Wants to be a Millionaire? how many questions do you need to answer correctly to win the jackpot (pound;1 million), once you are in the hot-seat opposite Chris Tarrant?

8. What is the name shared by a John Wayne film and an international transport business run by the Scotsman Brian Souter?

9. How many vowels are there on the bottom row of a QWERTY keyboard?

10. In terms of area, what is the largest country in the Commonwealth? QUIZ ANSWERS

1. Triathlon (put shoes on after swimming before cycling, and change them again after cycling before running)

2. They are both "a dish best served cold"

3. John Ross "JR" Ewing, Jr. played by Larry Hagman on Dallas

4. The Hundred and One Dalmatians or The Great Dog Robbery by Dodie Smith

5. Size four

6. Amiga

7. 15

8. Stagecoach

9. None

10. Canada (the second largest country in the world after Russi

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