Pub quiz

1. What did Geoffrey Fisher do in June 1953 and Cosmo Lang do in May 1937 that also happened in June 1911 and August 1902, but at no other time in the 20th century?

2. In Monopoly, starting on Go, where would you end up if, on one turn, you threw double 6, double 1, and double 6?

3. The finale of the William Tell Overture by Rossini was the theme tune to which TV and radio cowboy show?

4. Which company uses the slogan "Ich liebe es" in Germany and "C'est tout ce que j'aime" in France?

5. To what did Jimmy White briefly change his name in February 2005 as part of a deal with a sauce manufacturer?

6. Who had hits with Gertcha in 1979 and Rabbit in 1980?

7. Which 1961 film was tagged "An impregnable fortress... an invincible army... and the unstoppable commando team"?

8. What do horse riders wear that takes its name from the city where Liz Hurley celebrated her marriage to Arun Nayar?

9. What is the modern name of the Asian island named Formosa by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century?

10. What surname links the murderer of the playwright Joe Orton, Alma Baldwin in Coronation Street, a British film historian, and a singer whose last single, Desire, reached number 22 in the UK charts in 2005?


1. They were the Archbishops of Canterbury who performed the last two coronations of monarchs in the UK.

2. Jail (for throwing three doubles in a row)

3. The Lone Ranger

4. McDonalds (I'm lovin' it)

5. James Brown (as part of an HP brown sauce deal)

6. Chas Dave

7. The Guns of Navarone

8. Jodhpurs

9. Taiwan

10. Halliwell (Kenneth, Alma, Leslie, Geri)

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