Pub quiz

1. What does the H in HSBC stand for?

2. Which city would you reach if you dialled a number beginning with the area code 212 in the USA?

3. Who wrote the children's book Budgie the Little Helicopter?

4. Which menu item at the restaurant chain Nando's has the description "Ate two Brutus"?

5. Spending on which confectionary was recently the topic of a Freedom of Information Act request to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office?

6. Pete Conrad, who died in 1999, was the third man to walk in which inhospitable place?

7. On a scientific calculator, what is "cos" short for?

8. Who did Roger Federer defeat in the men's singles final at Wimbledon in 2006?

9. What organisation's name appears on the shirts of FC Barcelona, at a cost of at least pound;1 million a year to the club?

10. What is the five-letter name for the vertical part of a stair, the part between one (horizontal) tread and the next? QuizQuizQuiz


1. Hong Kong. The Hongkong (sic) and Shanghai Banking Corporation was the founding member of the HSBC Group

2. New York City (the number is now used only for Manhattan)

3. Sarah, Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson)

4. Caesar salad

5. The purchase of Ferrero Rocher by embassies

6. The Moon

7. Cosine

8. Rafael Nadal

9. Unicef

10. Riser

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