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Pub quiz

1 What is the only US state capital with a three-word name?

2 On which island did Napoleon Bonaparte die?

3 In Ireland, what are Fairyhouse, Leopardstown and the Curragh?

4 What is the name for the V-shape marking painted on the surface of motorways to help motorists to keep their distance from the vehicle in front?

5 Which artist is responsible for the installation Event Horizon, featuring 31 sculptures on rooftops and public walkways in central London?

6 Gouda cheese comes from the milk of which animal?

7 Which bank has exclusive advertising rights on the air-bridges between the planes and terminals at Heathrow and Gatwick airport?

8 In which county is the Isle of Thanet?

9 What was the name of Richard Attenborough's character in the film Jurassic Park?

10 Which country has the internet domain name .ee?

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1 Salt Lake City (in Utah; New York City is not a state capital).

2 St Helena

3 Racecourses

4 Chevron

5 Anthony Gormley

6 Cow


8 Kent

9 John Hammond

10 Estonia

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