Pub quiz

1. In which famous square would you find St Basil's Cathedral?

2. Which Mediterranean country produces Arbequina olives?

3. Which infamous outlaw renowned for his homemade armour was hanged in 1880?

4. Jeremy Clarkson has a home in Castletown on which island?

5. Whose 16th-century book Commentariolus stated that the earth is not the centre of the universe?

6. Which team won the 2008 Olympic gold medal for baseball?

7. Which Rodgers and Hammerstein musical opened in 1943 and was their first collaboration?

8. Which organ in the human body is responsible for the Adam's Apple?

9. Which country produces a type of cheese called Jarlsberg?

10. A minor hit for REM in 1989 was which sweet citrus drink?


1. Red Square

2. Spain

3. Ned Kelly

4. Isle of Man

5. Copernicus

6. South Korea

7. Oklahoma!

8. Larynx

9. Norway

10. Orange Crush.

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