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Pub quiz

1. In which city is the Australian Football League final held?

2. Legend has it that Gibraltar will cease to be what if the Barbary Macaques leave?

3. Who is the father of Madonna's daughter Lourdes?

4. Which organisation is most famous for placing copies of the Bible in hotel rooms and hospitals?

5. The holiday resort of Benidorm is on which of Spain's Costas?

6. Of which country is Astana the capital city?

7 What is the name given to the thread-like bodies that contain our DNA?

8. Which series of The Apprentice did Tre Azam appear on?

9. Which director wrote the screenplay for the 1965 film, What's New Pussycat?

10. In the first Harry Potter book, what number does Harry live at?

Pub Quiz answers: 1. Melbourne; 2. British; 3. Carlos Leon; 4. Gideons International; 5. Blanca; 6. Kazakhstan; 7. Chromosomes; 8. Series three; 9. Woody Allen; 10. 4.

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