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Activities for Using the Internet in Primary Schools. by Eta de Cicco, Mike Farmer and Claire Hargreave. pound;29.99. Kogan PageTel: 01903 828

ThisWILL take you on a tour of the Net - with a difference. There are references to hundreds of curriculum specific websites on literacy, numeracy, science, geography, art, history and more. There are photocopiable lesson plans, worksheets and activities to help you get the most from these sites.

For literacy fun, try the Childrenstory site's nursery rhymes www.childrenstory.comrhymes Children can choose a verse and hear it read aloud. Ask them to draw their favourite character and show how their drawing links to the text in the rhyme.

The book's activities concentrate on motivating children for the 20-minute group and independent work part of the literacy hour.

A wealth of problem-solving sites such as Disaster Maths are also listed www.fema.govkidsdizmath.htm. This site helps children learn to add and subtract by answering questions on the speed of hurricanes, the acres of forest burned by wildfire and the number of people who felt an earthquake. Other sites, like The Blue Dog www.forbesfield.combdf.html will help with mental arithmetic. Answer a question and the blue dog barks back your answer! The Blue Dog worksheet helps structure learning as well.

There is also a how-to-do-it - technical section. Find out how to add moving pictures to a website. Learn to make best use of web browsers and email. This also has its own, regularly updated site to help you keep the ideas flowing.

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