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As part of an education project intended to attract schoolchildren to classical music-making, BBC Proms is offering a key stage 2 pack to 26,000 schools for a nominal pound;2.50 including postage. The Music and Environment pack comprises eight workshop plans and a CD containing an interactive game and examples of music by composers who have been influenced by their surroundings. Contributors include teachers who participated in last summer's schools' workshops in Cumbria and Stockport, which culminated in a performance at the Blue Peter Prom. For details, contact Felicity Williams, tel: 020 7765 5575. E-mail: Play Matters, the National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries, has produced a guide intended to improve access to musical instruments for children under five in disadvantaged areas. The Guide to Choosing and Using Musical Instruments costs pound;5. Tel: 020 7387 9592. E-mail: Web:

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