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* A booklet, Secondary School History Teaching in England and Wales: a review of empirical research, 1960-1998, by Bronwen Swinnerton and Isobel Jenkins, has been produced by the Leeds Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education in association with the Historical Association. pound;6 plus pound;1.50 postage. Details: The Secretary, CSSME, Leeds University LS2 9JT.

* breakthrough, a new termly magazine for secondary history and science teachers published by PREtext, provides resources on science and discoveries, inventions and the people who make them. pound;3.50 including postage or pound;10 for annual subscription from: Brecon Cottage, 33 Newbury Street, Wantage, Oxfordshire OX12 8DJ, tel: 01235 772638; e-mail: * The global village is the theme of the next part of the TESMillennium Frieze, which appears in 'TESPrimary' on November 26. The final part, looking to the future, will be published on January 28, 2000. If you have missed any sections of the frieze, you can obtain them by purchasing back issues of 'TESPrimary', priced pound;2 a copy (inc pamp;p). Write to TSLEducation, Millennium Frieze Offer, Bradley Pavilions, Pear Tree Road, Bradley Stokes, Bristol BS32 0PP. Payment can be by credit card or cheque, made payable to TSLEducation Ltd.

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