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Pupil consultation

(Photograph) - Pupil consultation had its reward for one Stirling school at the end of term when Strathyre primary officially opened its "friendship hut". The inspiration came

from Claire Marshall, now at MacLaren High in Callendar, but then a primary 6 pupil, who suggested Strathyre should have a quiet haven in the school grounds away from the bustle of the playground where pupils could chat in peace. Strathyre incorporated Claire's ideas into its development plan, persuaded parents to help and won backing from Stirling's Grounds for Learning project and the

Abbey National's Helping Hands Community Partnership programme.

Anne Comrie, head of the 30-pupil school, said the hut would be used as an outdoor classroom for music and art as well as for quiet reading periods and observation of the local birdlife. Pupils Neill Marshall, Neil Allan, Jo Hannah Moore and Lindsey Revie, above, were among the first to take advantage. Photograph by Gerry McCann

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