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Pupil peacekeepers

Anna Thomson, 12, and Murray McPherson, 10, are two of the senior pupils at Hythehill Primary who have volunteered to apply solution-oriented methods to issues in the playground.

"It's a way of helping other children, especially the younger ones," Anna explains. "If they have fallen out with friends, or they don't have someone to play with, they can come and talk to us.

"We don't tell them to do things and we don't say it's somebody's fault. We say something like 'Wouldn't it be great if I' That means it's their decision what they do, which is quite important."

Murray says two pupils recently came to him because they had fallen out. "I asked them why they weren't friends now. It was something that had got misunderstood.

"So then I asked why they used to be friends. When they told me, I said: 'You do have a lot in common.' They thought about that and they became friends again."

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