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Pupil project;Ecology

How warm is our school?

* Turn the heating off in one room or space in the school. Compare the temperature with other rooms. Record the results at different points in the school day. Does sunlight make a difference?

* Using a thermometer, find out how warm your classroom is when it's empty. Then all go inside and see how much the temperature rises. Because other factors can alter the temperature of the room, you might carry out the experiment on as many different days and times as possible.

* Find out how your school is heated. The caretaker may be able to show you the boiler. How much were your school's heating bills last year? How do you think they could be reasonably reduced? If you could save 30 per cent of this money, what could you use it for to improve the school?

* Where are the warmest - and coldest - places in your school? Put a thermometer in different places around the school to find out. Make a record - and perhaps a graph - of your findings. Should you make the coldest place warmer? Why?

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