Pupil Voice - I mostly like school, the work isn't too hard

Issie and May Markham are eight-year-old twins in Year 4 at Barford St Peter's C of E Primary School in Warwickshire

What's your favourite lesson?

Issie: PE, because it's fun and I'm good at it.

May: Literacy. I like writing stories and using my imagination.

What makes a good teacher?

Issie: Someone who is jolly and makes me laugh and helps me when I get stuck.

May: Someone who helps you out with problems and explains things well.

What do you like and dislike about school?

Issie: I mostly like school because it is fun and the work isn't too hard. I don't like the soap in the toilets because it smells funny.

May: I most like to play on the school field in summer. I can't really think of anything I dislike about school.

What's your favourite lesson?

Issie: It was probably a science lesson with Mrs Banbury where we dyed real flowers and celery.

May: Making pancakes with Mrs Wardle and eating them.

What stops you from learning?

Issie: My friends sometimes make me laugh in class.

May: I can't learn when my friends are poking me in the back with pencils.

What would you change about school?

Issie: The toilets because I got locked in one. They should be easier to get out of.

May: The music room so that it's bigger and we have more room to play.

What would you introduce if you were headteacher?

Issie: I would like a Pets Day at school. Some people would like to see other people's pets because they have heard all about them.

May: I would like to bring in people from other countries to teach different languages.

What would you like to be when you are older?

Issie: I would like to be a famous gymnast because I am good at it and it's fun.

May: I think I'll be a gardening teacher when I grow up because I like gardening and getting muddy.

What's your favourite slang?

Issie: I like saying rotten apple. It means you smell like a rotten apple.

May: Sometimes when my mum asks me to clean out the guinea pigs hutch I say: "Whatever," which means "OK, I'll do it."

What's your most treasured possession?

Issie: My Pooh bear cross stitch because grandad made that and now he has died.

May: It has to be my heart pendant that says Best on it. I gave the other half (with Friend written on it) to my friend.

What's your favourite clothes label?

Issie: I like to wear Marks Spencer clothes and if we go there I force my mum to buy me chewing gum because I'm mad on it. I have 31 pieces at home.

May: Next.

What's your earliest memory?

Issie: I remember me and May had a secret language; only our sister could tell what we were saying.

May: I was in reception when I banged my head in a pool. I still have a scar.

What would your superpower be?

Issie: To be able to rewind or fast forward time.

May: I would like to bring things to me without having to go get them.

"If I was prime minister for a day I would ... ".

Issie: Lie in and have a nice hot bubble bath before breakfast in bed. I would then meet the Queen and we could have a pyjama party.

May: Hold a Parliamentary meeting about a different way of making paper without wasting trees.

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