Pupil voice - I'd let everyone go on a free school trip if I was PM

Tabitha Murrell, 7, is at Wilson's Endowed CE Primary School in Carnforth, Lancashire

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- What's your favourite subject?

History. I like learning about the way we used to live. I especially like Henry VIII and his daughter, Elizabeth I. Nowadays people sometimes have a second wife but I've never heard of anyone having six. I like Elizabeth's dresses with the massive sleeves and her bright orange hair. She looks quite bossy, which could be good for a queen, but if she's too bossy there's war and chopping off heads and that's not so good.

- What makes a good teacher?

They have to be funny, friendly, sensible and understand children.

- What do you most like and dislike about school?

I like our gardening club because I enjoy being outside and watching our vegetables grow. We grew potatoes that we were going to enter into our village horticultural show, but my headteacher forgot and we ate them all for our school dinner. I also like using the computers because I enjoy exploring new things on the internet. I don't like the fact that the corridors are too narrow because I have to squish into the wall to let others get by and sometimes people run down them.

- What's the best lesson you've had?

I loved it when the Hairy Bikers (TV chefs Dave Myers and Si King) taught us to make chicken kebabs and salad.

- What stops you from learning?

Our school is on a hillside close to Morecambe Bay and we get fast jets flying low over our classrooms a couple of times a week. There's always more than one when they come and then they turn back round and come over us again. The roar stops the lesson.

- What three things are needed to make a good school?

Good teachers, good friends and outdoor spaces.

- What would you change about your school if you could?

I would make the classrooms bigger because I don't like being squashed.

- If you were headteacher, what would you introduce at your school?

School pets so that we can learn more about animals. I want a stick insect because I like the way they move. I'd like drinking fountains so that we can fill up our own water bottles.

- What would you like to be when you are older?

I've always wanted to be a teacher. I'd prefer to be in a primary school because I want to teach every subject. In my spare time I would also like to be an artist.

- How does society see young people?

Primary school children as cheeky explorers, but teenagers as more complicated: some are kind, some are nasty.

- What are your favourite hobbies?

Swimming, reading, drawing, cycling, gardening and writing stories.

- What's your most treasured possession?

My panda, called Panda Anne - it was my mummy's and it has her old school tie around its neck.

- What's your favourite clothes label?

Monsoon - my mummy takes me to Kendal to go shopping there.

- What celeb would you most like to be?

I don't want to be a celeb, my life is fine as it is.

- What's your earliest memory?

Edinburgh military tattoo before my brother was born. I was two years old and sat on my daddy's lap.

- "If I could be prime minister for a day I would ..."

Let every pupil go on a free school trip that day, or else build a rocket.

- "I wish adults would sometimes ..."

Be funny and less serious. They should let their children get away with more things - but not too many as they will grow up spoilt and horrible.

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