'The pupils saw the funny side'

Pupils at Daubeney primary, Hackney, east London, have just started to use Drugs Centre Stage. "You can't teach drugs awareness to primary children in a sit-down lesson," says Year 6 teacher Pat Winyard. "It just won't work.

If the kids are involved in any way, or know family members who are, they normally keep very tight-lipped about it. Using drama and role-play meant the kids didn't have to be themselves and we can touch on difficult subject more freely."

She begins with a discussion about what pupils know and think about drugs.

"Most children were aware of the danger of drugs, which was very positive,"

she said. "They saw the funny side of someone getting drunk but realised there was a more serious side too. They were very aware of cigarettes."

Two or three pupils were more streetwise and knew about drug dealing, drug running and that children were used to deliver drugs.

"They knew the detail of how it all worked a little bit too intimately.

For more information visit www.drugscentrestage.co.uk

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