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Pushed to the limit by red-tape;Letter;News amp; Opinion

I was prompted to write to you after having read "Made ill by the profession I love" in your letters column (TES October 29).

I am part of the non-teaching staff of a large split-site secondary school.

I was a qualified and experienced secretary who gave up work to look after my family. When I decided to return to work I joined a school because the holidays would fit nicely around my family life.

I have progressed over 10 years from a part-time clerical assistant to the full-time post of personal assistant to the headteacher.

When I joined the school I loved my job so much I would have been happy to have done it unpaid, had financial circumstances permitted.

However, over the past few years and, especially over the past few months, I dread coming into work and no longer enjoy my job.

More and more work is being piled on to the same individuals making job descriptions a total farce. The red tape and paperwork involved with education these days is unbelievable.

I am constantly anxious and stressed and am on anti-depressants. The only consolation is that everyone else seems to be suffering to some degree but it makes me wonder if it is worth the loss of one's health and sanity to stick with something which is obviously destroying me.

I wonder why I should feel I am being pushed out of a job which I once enjoyed and have been in for such a long time.

Name and address supplied.

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