Putting teachers before politics

Deborah Lawson, general secretary of the Voice union, refrains from referring to Edapt as though it were "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" in Harry Potter ("Striking problems", Letters, 13 September). However, unlike Voldemort's desire to rid the world of muggles, Edapt does not seek to rid teachers of representation, their voice or their unions. What we do is give teachers a union alternative and a choice in who supports them, without the political rhetoric that many are tired of.

The vast majority of teachers join unions primarily, or solely, for individual support. Of course, in the current climate of reform, truly broad representation of the teaching profession is required. Unfortunately, it does not have that, given the fragmentation of representation into multiple unions, including Voice. For Edapt, supporting teachers is our primary concern.

John Roberts, Founder, Edapt.

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