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Q Should study leave be replaced by supervised revision in schools? We asked teachers in The TES online staffroom what they felt.

A My school gave up on the idea of study leave a few years ago. The local community hated it, most of the kids thought it was a "sit off", and the less able kids could not self-motivate or time-manage revision. (101325) A Many schools do a mixture of both. Once Year 11s are on study leave, they are given a programme of revision sessions and invited to attend. Some do, some don't. At least that way, the revision sessions are only for those who are going to respond positively to them because they have chosen to attend them. (pete14)

A My school for people with emotional and behavioural difficulties gives Year 11 study leave. Which is a joke - most don't do exams. Go figure.


A There is so little transition between GCSE and A-level, often study leave is the only time my pupils experience truly self-motivated, independent learning. (Teacherskills)

A We have discontinued study leave, which I think is dreadful, because many pupils would work at home and benefit from doing so. We now have a situation where the work of those who do want to do well is hampered by those ne'er-do-wells who a) do not want to be in school and b) disrupt the sessions and waste everyone's time (chili pepper)

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