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QTS confusion needs qualification

Sara Bubb's answer to the question regarding PGCE QTSinduction is, I believe, incorrect (Friday, February 9). A PGCE does not give QTS - the institution awards the PGCE and recommends for QTS.

To achieve QTS the person concerned also has successfully to complete the induction year - and pass the skills tests. It is true that, once a PGCE has been awarded, it cannot be taken away. There is also a time limit between completing the PGCE and starting induction. Students should not think they can leave induction for several years.

Mary Russell Universities Council for the Education of Teachers, London WC1 Sara Bubb replies: Thank you for pointing out that a PGCE does not automatically arry qualified teacher status. However, the Department for Education and Employment awards QTS on the recommendation of a PGCE provider, once all skills tests are passed. It is not dependent on the student completing induction - indeed, induction cannot be started without QTS - nor can it be taken away if induction is not completed satisfactorily. It remains a qualification that can be used to teach in the independent sector or a city technology college, or to do private tuition.

Finally, there is no time limit between gaining QTS and starting induction - although new teachers can only do supply for four terms (even if it's only one day in each term) before starting induction.

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