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QTS, the rap: it's here at last

They're not exactly "in the hood", but a group of rapping teachers hope their tribute to training will help others find their way in class.

It is unlikely Eminem or Jay Z would get inspiration from the rather dry - but, of course, essential - qualified teacher status standards. But PGCE students at Bristol University found rich pickings from the joys of QTS assessment for their rap (YouTube pictures, above).

Lyrics from the group, who can be seen pacing the streets of the city and lecture halls wearing rapper-style accessories, include "gotta liaise with the special needs co-ordinator", "I'm the lord of assessment, the king of differentiation" and "I'm the master of feedback, a champion of AFL".

Other highlights include "My lessons are well structured, there is never confusion. I place emphasis on equality and inclusion" and "I know if I don't share my learning objectivesit will jeopardise the learning, it won't be as effective."

"MC" Jan Guthrie gives a "shout out" to surrounding areas of Nailsea, Chew Valley and Backwell and everyone in the "education faculty".

The trainees say the QTS standards have been "their friends all year". One verse is dedicated entirely to plagiarism.

The decision of the secondary music specialists to set their thoughts to song is perhaps unsurprising. The group has also posted video tributes to their tutor, Marina Gall, and made a Star Wars-inspired film about ICT.


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