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Qualification here to stay

Q: I am training to be a secondary history teacher and I've been offered a job teaching history and English. For the first year though, the majority of my timetable would be English. I've been told that in order to get qualified teacher status, the majority of your timetable in your newly qualified year must be in the subject you trained in. Is this true?

A: There are several issues here. For a start, you will have qualified teacher status by the time you start induction as the rules only apply to qualified teachers. Passing or failing induction makes no difference to your qualified teacher status - you have it forever.

To pass induction you have to meet all the QTS and induction standards in the employment context that you're working in. There are no rules to say you must be teaching the subject you trained in, though you'll clearly find it easier to meet the standards when teaching history than when teaching English. Thus you'll need to use the support to which you're entitled to help you in English, in particular.

You may also be confusing the induction rules with those relating to the repayment of the teacher loans scheme. You are eligible for this if you are teaching a shortage subject such as English for at least 50 per cent of your timetable and have a secured a job by June 30, 2005.

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