'Quality seal' to replace targets in Edinburgh

SCHOOLS may be judged as much by their activities and excellence outside the classroom as inside under outline proposals being considered in Edinburgh.

In his annual report, Ewan Aitken, the city's Labour education spokesman, has called for a shift away from "the wholly inappropriate targets culture of league tables" towards a broader analysis of school performance based on city-wide quality assurance reviews, or mini-inspection reports.

Schools would work towards a "quality seal" that would be based on their ethos and excellence in and out of the curriculum.

"It would be something that establishments would work towards achieving as a sign of their quality and standards. It would be assessed in particular on ethos, depth of educational experience and achievements in the implementation of the mainstreaming of equalities," Mr Aitken said.

He wants to encourage school uniform as a way of promoting ethos, belonging and self-respect.

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