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Quality trainees in high demand

You report that the St Marylebone school in central London recruited unqualified Teach First teachers to fill their teaching vacancies, due to the funding crisis in schools (TES September 19).

I would like to highlight some of the reasons why Teach First trainee teachers are so highly valued in London schools in the first year the programme was launched.

Teach First has recruited some of the most outstanding graduates from the UK's top 20 universities, many of whom have had experience of working in schools in the UK and overseas.

The trainees have excellent knowledge of the subject they will teach and will also receive first-class training in their subject and in areas of professional studies.

Teach First has also recruited experienced education professionals who will provide mentoring support throughout their first year as trainee teachers, until they gain qualified teacher status.

St Marylebone is also a training school and is capable of providing trainees with the help and support they need to become excellent teachers throughout their careers.

I am sure that the trainees within the school will contribute to its overall success, throughout the budget crisis, and hopefully long after the situation has been resolved.

Lorraine Marriott Director of training and support Teach First 1 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14

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