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A little-noticed anniversary is in danger of being, well, little-noticed.

This is the 30th year of that sterling body of men and women who are members of the Scottish Educational Research Association, the annual conference of which is taking place as we speak.

The occasion has been graced by a book from one of the founding fathers, John Nisbet, who is still enlivening his retirement with research activity.

Racily entitled Thirty Years on: The Scottish Educational Research Association, it reveals that SERA nearly never was.

The idea was greeted with "cautious interest" until it emerged there was to be a BERA in London, and that galvanised the northerners. There was nearly a family fallout since Nisbet was in favour of a Scottish region of BERA, whereas brother Stanley (formerly education professor at Glasgow University) would have none of it at a time when nationalism was resurgent.

So let's hear it for SERA.

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Tes Editorial

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