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A question of degree

When will the Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL) be launched?

It should be available to some new PGCE students from this September, but the aim is to make it available to all teachers eventually.

Will all teachers have to do it?

The Government says no teacher will be penalised for not doing it, but there will be an "expectation" that teachers complete it.

What will the new course include?

It will be a practice-based flexible modular programme, with modules taken at any point. They might cover a range of areas, including subject knowledge and pedagogy, special educational needs and disability, assessment for learning, personalisation, early years, teaching in challenging schools, behaviour management and integrated working in the children's workforce.

How long would I have to complete the course?

It is hoped that teachers will take the masters qualification during their first five years of teaching and complete it over three years.

What kind of support would I get?

Universities will provide each masters student with a tutor, but teachers will have coaching from a specially trained teacher within their school as well. Senior teachers may have to pay for the course out of their own pockets.

I already have masters-level credits from my PGCE. Will that count towards the MTL?

Yes. You can gain up to 60 points on your PGCE, which you will be able to put towards the 180 points required for the masters.

I teach in a school in challenging circumstances. How can I do the qualification?

The Government specifically wants teachers in those schools to take part, so it is considering offering financial incentives.

Teachers from other schools could also take secondments in these schools as part of their masters courses.

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