Questions to be answered for some enlightenment

I have never met Marj Adams, and I have no doubt she may be an efficient and effective teacher, respected by her students, as it cannot be possible to maintain on a daily basis such a wholly negative and cynical perspective as she displays in her column.

In view of her consistent opposition to A Curriculum for Excellence, I would like to ask her if she would address the following questions in a future column for the enlightenment of TESS readers:

What does she hope her students will have achieved, other than good exam passes, on leaving school?

What would she like to believe she has contributed to the development of her students, other than good exam passes, on their leaving school?

Does she believe good learning and teaching are solely about the transfer of knowledge from teacher to student?

Does she believe the status quo is an option for the secondary curriculum in Scotland?

Bill Boyd, Bellevale Quadrant, Ayr.

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