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Questions from Islington Green

I read with great interest your reports of the scandal of Chris Woodhead placing Islington Green school in special measures in 1997 (TES, February 4). I was a parent governor there then and was shocked when the initial verdict was announced. I was confident that the HMIs would agree with us that the school was not failing. I now understand that Chris Woodhead was determined to fail Islington Green without stepping into the school.

I had two children at the school and my confidence in it was so great that my third was enrolled in the September following the verdict. Within six months the school was in serious difficulties as a direct result of the verdict. Within the year I had to withdraw my children before further damage was done to their education.

I do not expect to receive any apology; the arrogance of Chris Woodhead appears to know no bounds. I would like to see him held to account for playing politics with children's lives. I would like Tony Blair to apologise for his part in keeping Chris Woodhead in his position for so long. I am still left wondering whether the fact that it was Tony's spurned local comprehensive played any part in the decision-making process. I do not expect that we will ever know.

Dr Ross Cooper 7 All Saints Tytherton Rd Tufnell Park, London N19

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