Questions you are asked at a teacher training interview

Teacher training interviews can be nerve-wracking, but our guide has everything you need to prepare

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It can be hard to know how to prepare for your initial teacher training interview.

After all, you’re applying because you know you need the training, right?  

But there is an expectation that you will be able to discuss aspects of teaching, your motivations and your experience in the classroom.

It’s a good idea to have a think about these questions and how you might answer them.

Do beware the risk of becoming over-rehearsed, however. You don’t want to become so prepared you stop sounding natural and begin to sound robotic and forced.

Here are some examples of the questions you might be asked: 

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Your own experience

Tell me about a lesson from your time at school where learning took place and what made it effective?

Why do you want to teach, and not simply work with children/young people, and what experiences have led you to that decision?

The challenges of training

When you’re a trainee, you may find the demands of the classroom and subject studies quite difficult. How have you coped with demanding work schedules in the past?

What has made you apply for this teacher training route?

As you are about to start your teacher training, what do you feel are the areas of subject knowledge which are strong? And what areas are less strong? What will you do about it?

Can you give an example of when you’ve had to show resilience or work in a team?

Your subject or phase

Why is your subject/phase important to a child’s education?

Describe a lesson you have observed or delivered, and explain to me how the teacher checked that learning had taken place

What qualities do you believe teachers need, and to what extent do you believe you have them? Can you give an example?

Can you explain how a teacher might use an assessment in their teaching?

Why do you believe it is important to have equality in schools and how would you promote equality in your classroom?


Explain to me what you would do if a child made a disclosure to you about abuse at home? 

What different sorts of abuse would you, as a teacher, be looking out for?

Thanks to Liverpool John Moores University for providing the questions

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