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QuickTime Pro

QuickTime allows both Apple and Windows PC users to play audio and video on their computers, so what is so special about about QuickTime Pro? The answer is that this software offers new features and new possibilities such as creating slideshows and sophisticated video editing. If you want more information on QuickTime Pro, go to:

Your CD-Rom contains a QuickTime installer, so there's no need to go online and download one. In order to upgrade QuickTime to QuickTime Pro you need an upgrade key, and you can get one by heading for and registering your school. Alternatively, call 0845 0046 (local call rate) from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday or 9am to 5pm at weekends. (offer closes on March 28 2002). Only one free Macintosh or Windows key per institution, It is recommended that you obtain your free key to QuickTime Pro before you install QuickTime so that you can enter the registration information during the QuickTime Installation process.

You can install the basic player first, and enter the registration details to upgrade it to the full version afterwards, in which case keys are entered in the QuickTime Registration panel, either in the QuickTime control panel (Mac OS and Windows) or QuickTime Preferences (Mac OS X).

For detailed instruction on installing QuickTime Pro go to upgradekeyinstall.html

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