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1 "We can't afford to build Fort Knox" - what was scrapped this week?

a Bank of England's euro mint

b Monkey brain research centre

c Channel 5's remake of Goldfinger

2 How has a little piece of France come to Luton, Beds?

a A brie factory has relocated

b Jean-Marie le Pen signed a concordat with local BNP

c Icknield high school banned Muslim girls' headscarves

3 Who is accused of "crimes against the English language"?

a Lord Hutton over his report

b The DfES over its KS3 English framework

c The Sun over...everything

4 What made Pope applaud?

a Breakdancers in the Vatican

b Beetles crawling up Jordan's nose in I'm a Celebrity..

c Tunisia 2, Rwanda 1 in the African Nations Cup


1B, 2C, 3B, 4A

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