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Quiz of the year

1. What did headteacher Louise Whitgreave, from St Andrew's CofE Primary in Nesscliffe, Shropshire, describe as "quite a positive experience" this year?

a. Her school being subjected to Ofsted's first no-notice inspection.

b. Being taken out for dinner by Chris Woodhead.

c. Having a surprise visit from Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

2. Why was maths teacher Adrian Swain sacked from his teaching post at St Paul's Way Community School in Tower Hamlets, east London?

a. For sporting a nipple ring.

b. For having a Mohican.

c. For wearing trainers.

3. How many times more likely are primary children from the poorest 10 per cent of families to be excluded from school, according to government figures released this year?

a. 22

b. Five

c. Two

4. Peter Noble, the first person to be put in charge of running a state school despite having no teaching experience, was appointed as chief executive of the Richard Rose Federation in Carlisle in September 2008. How long did he stay in the post?

a. Five months.

b. Two years.

c. Three weeks.

5. Sunand Prasad, president of the Royal Institute of British Architects, said grey, concrete schools built in the 1950s and 1960s told pupils to:

a. "Get a life".

b. "Piss off".

c. "Be inspired by the innovative use of building materials".

6. In November, New Zealander Felicity Lusk was made the first:

a. Female head of an HMC boys' boarding school.

b. Girls' sport tsar.

c. Antipodean in charge of a British think tank.

7. Why did US Christian fundamentalists threaten to picket the George Tomlinson School in Leytonstone, north-east London?

a. Because the school had become the first faith school affiliated with the Satanic Council of Great Britain.

b. Because their headteacher was black.

c. Because they ran lessons on homophobic bullying.

8. Who were described by unionists as "Stepford heads"?

a. Young headteachers who act like government automatons, passing stress down to their staff.

b. Young, mainly female heads who insist on baking cakes for meetings and cleaning their own offices.

c. Headteachers who make their staff act like robots.

9. What percentage of exam grades awarded to pupils is incorrect, according to research by exams regulator Ofqual?

a. Five per cent.

b. 20 per cent.

c. 43 per cent

10. What did headteacher Gwendy Morrison face at the same time as a swine-flu outbreak in her school?

a. An Ofsted inspection.

b. Flooded classrooms.

c. A bubonic plague outbreak.

11. Which actor did children taking part in a survey for the NCSL say would be their "dream headteacher"?

a. David Tennant.

b. Judi Dench.

c. Oliver Reed.

12. Who said the idea of schools sharing one executive headteacher was like "lending the PM to Rwanda for two days a week"?

a. John Dunford, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders.

b. Kofi Annan, ex-UN secretary general.

c. Keith Vaz MP.

13. Which country has banned mobile phones in its primary schools because of fears over health risks?

a. Tonga.

b. France.

c. Outer Mongolia.

14. What are entrepreneurs putting up for sale on auction site eBay to help admin-averse schools through their Ofsted inspections?

a. Silver-plated Ofsted pens.

b. Completed self-evaluation forms.

c. A* pupils to push you up the league-tables.

15. Which school meal was voted the nation's favourite in a poll for the Local Authority Caterers Association?

a. Sushi and wasabi sauce.

b. Chicken nuggets.

c. Roast dinner.

16. Supply teacher Martin Rouse said he stripped his top off in front of rowdy pupils because he was:

a. Trying to be cool.

b. Dancing to Right Said Fred's 1992 hit "I'm Too Sexy".

c. Trying to impress female pupils.

17. What is the key idea behind Bath Spa University's teacher-training scheme the Saturation Learning project?

a. Trainee teachers go swimming for three hours every day before school.

b. Trainee teachers go into lessons without any preparation.

c. A large group of trainee teachers takes a single class at the same time.

18. Who has been warned to take out insurance to protect them from being sued by litigious parents whose children fail exams?

a. Private tutors.

b. Headteachers in outstanding schools.

c. Ed Balls.

19. According to American professor Noreen Webb, what can make pupils improve the way they perform in group discussions?

a. Giving falsely high marks in tests.

b. Going for a pint.

c. Having younger teachers.

20. What is the average cost for parents of sending a child to a state secondary school, according to government research released this year?

a. #163;1,200 a year.

b. #163;400 a year.

c. #163;1.5 million.

Quiz answers from page 14:

1) a

2) c

3) b

4) a

5) b

6) a

7) c

8) a

9) b

10) a

11) a

12) c

13) b

14) b

15) c

16) a

17) c

18) a

19) a

20) a

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