Quotes from BERA

'The first was a real gentleman head. He was absolutely opposed to women wearing trousers. A man who had skin cancer and had had surgery on his neck even had to ask for permission not to have to always wear ties'

English teacher interviewed by Franziska Vogt of Lancaster University for comparative study of managerial policy in Switzerland and England

'One (prison) officer said that a lad had written out a beautiful notebook on how to break into a car - with diagrams and instructions. She said that if he had done it in the education class he would have got a good mark for it as a project'

Field note by prison education researcher Anita Wilson of Lancaster University

'One group of pupils said, "Do you like our teacher?" I said, "Yes, she's lovely." They said, "Now you can see why we don't like you!"'

Supply teacher interviewed by Tasmanian academic Penelope Webb.

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