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Quotes on the importance of maths

* "Sport is all about pace and timing. Both in training and racing, 1100th makes 110th and tenths can be the difference between 1st and 8th place. It takes a lot of calculations, but by getting there, there is a big reward."Kriss Akabusi (athlete)

* "I don't think my cricket coach realised that he was a maths teacher as well. When you are batting second, you are constantly working out the run rate for each over as the innings progresses. The closer the team gets to victory the better the mental arithmetic calculations."

Nasser Hussain (England Cricket Captain)

* "When I got the job on Ready Steady Cook there was no mention of any maths requirements. But throughout the programme I need to be able to work out different quantities of ingredients, count backwards from 20 (not easy when your brain is trying to do other things at the same time) and be able tochoose a winner on my quick calculations of red tomatoes from green peppers. If I don't get my sums right there could be a few upset contestants."

* Fern Britton (TV presenter) Because I do cookery demonstrations all over the world, I need to understand all the different ways of weighing out my ingredients from pounds and ounces to grams and kilos. An understanding of maths really helps me to make quick conversions in my head." Ainsley Harriott (chef) * "Playing football is more mathematical than it might seem. Knowing which angle to use to direct the ball towards the goal and judging how far to kick it down the sideline to another player requires precise calculations. I now realise why school teachers have always stressed the importance of maths because even as a footballer you can still apply the techniques." Gary Lineker (TV presenter, ex-footballer)

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