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Raised voices over religious education

The report Religious education: realising the potential, from England's schools inspectorate Ofsted, was discussed and publicised over the first weekend in October. I expected TES to raise awareness of this significant report, which indicates poor provision of religious education in primary and secondary schools, and the part the government has played in the erosion of the subject. But there was nothing in the 11 October edition on this issue.

It would have been an opportunity to discuss issues concerning RE and also to celebrate the many schools where it is greatly valued by students and staff, and often leads the whole school in teaching and learning. Please can TES offer a professional article about the subject, avoiding sentimental nativity scenes or collective worship (which is not what RE is about) and encouraging exploration of the real, current issues surrounding the subject?

Jane Brooke, Independent consultant, RE Quality Mark project manager, inspector of religious schools.

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