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Razing the roof

An air of self-congratulation permeated last week's meeting of East Renfrewshire's education committee as councillors listened appreciatively to a presentation on exam results and to an improvement plan for pre-five services.

The "wha's like us" mood was tempered more than somewhat by the little matter of the disappearing roof of Mearns primary, ripped off during a storm in January.

The event gave opponents of privately funded schools a field day, especially as the council's direct labour organisation had to step in to help pick up the pieces.

It was left to teachers' representative Alan Munro to ask the obvious questions: "Were there short-comings in the construction and have we assurances for the future?"

"That was not the remit," replied Tory councillor Ian Drysdale, convener of the audit committee, who presented a report into the incident.

Silly Munro.

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