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Religion Around Me

Edited by Joyce Mackley

RE Today

ISBN: 9781904024965


It is sometimes easy to forget that religion is not so much about ideas and dogmas as about people and their beliefs. A book published by RE Today, the publication for the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education, provides ideas to encourage primary-age pupils to explore the personal aspect of religion, including interviews with children of different faiths.

The Art of Meditation

By Matthieu Ricard

Atlantic Books

ISBN: 978-1848870758


Meditation has been hovering on the fringes of education for some years, and while there are some advocates, many remain sceptical that it will prove to be more than a fad. Ricard, a Buddhist monk whose previous book looked at how happiness was as much a skill to develop as an emotion, aims to explain what meditation is and what it can achieve, while also answering the "non-believers".

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