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You are what you eat. Or so they say. Now kids can get food facts - to look good and stay healthy. Intake, a colourful new magazine, tells you everything you need to know about food.

Intake looks at what different foods do for you and why you should take it easy with fats and sugars. It also has lots more essential information about all those tasty snacks and fast foods as well as a range of quizzes and easy recipes.

On the readers' choice page Dominic , age 11, talks about his "favourite scoff" - bacon sandwiches, roast chicken noodles and fruit salad. Intake's comments? "Dominic burns up a lot of energy with the sports he plays - he seems to be spot on with the foods he chooses to eat which are mainly low in fat but high in nutrients. One word of advice - go easy on the bacon sandwiches!"

For more information, contact The British Heart Foundation, 14 Fitzhardinge Street, London W1H 4DH 020 7935 0185;

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