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Reading gives you time to think

In response to Hilary Wilce (Last Word, TES, April 26) I would like to say what is so great about reading.

If you can read well then you must be able to find at least one book out of the billions that have been written that you enjoy. If you can't it is either because you are not looking hard enough or cannot read well enough to "get into" a book - and you ought to learn because reading is so much more rewarding than watching television.

It also has much more detail and gives you much more time to think over what is being said. An imaginative book gives you the scope to think privately of ideas and issues raised.

Reading can also make the world a better place for you, because looking at the world for what it might be rather than what it is makes your life much more interesting.

If children are not encouraged to read they are being deprived of one of the most enjoyable and relaxing educational activities available.

OLIVIA WALWYN (age 12) 12 Easton Road Norwich, Norfolk

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