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Reading Matter: A selection of the latest publications for the literacy hour

Addison Wesley Longman

* 42 Pelican Big Books: full range of NLP genres (KS1 and 2) * Longman Book Project materials for shared and group reading (KS1 and 2, fiction, non-fiction) * revised Mind Your Language and Mind Your Spelling (KS2) Stand PV134 Cambridge University Press

* Passports to Literacy: complete KS2 literacy hour resource * Big Book Literacy Packs for shared, guided reading (KS1) * Cambridge Reading: new Big Books and other materials (KS1 and 2, fiction and non-fiction) Stand PV184

Collins Educational

* Pathways Big Books, now all available individually (KS1 and 2, fiction and non fiction) * InfoActive: shared and group reading resource (KS1 and 2) * 100 Ideas for the Literacy Hour: teacher's book, coming soon Stands PV200, PV212


* Foundations for Reading: complete course to cover NLP, including Big Books, 240 guided reading books, pupils' materials, lesson plans and teachers' books (KS1) * Momentum: KS2 continuation of Foundations, coming soon Stand PV7

Ginn and Co

* Password English: complete new NLP-based language course (KS2) * All Abroad: Big Books, guided reading books, photocopiable Writing Frames (KS1 and 2) * KS1 Big Books Phonics course, coming soon Stands PV272, PV308

Harlequin Educational

* Developing Literacy Skills: structured whole class lesson plans, group and individual activities, follow-up ideas, looking at text, sentence and word level skills. Photocopiable sheets of same activities for different levels of ability. Series of books includes Using Stories, Spelling and Grammar Stand PV98


* Best Practice Phonics: NLP-based KS1 whole class resource * Discovery World: KS1 non-fiction literacy hour materials * Rhyme World: complete NLP phonics programme (KS1) Stands PV198, PV216


* KS1 Literacy Links Plus: complete shared and guided reading course updated for NLP * KS2 Literacy Links: junior novels meeting genre requirements * Organising the Literacy Hour: new teacher's book Stand PV138

Oxford University Press

* Reading Tree Big Books, all available individually, value packs of First Words Big Books * Big Book of Poetry covering NLP requirements (ed John Foster) * Rhyme and Analogy: software support; 12 First Story Rhymes Stands PV28, PV52


* Scholastic Literacy Centres: group reading books with support materials * Read and Respond: series to deepen understanding of selected popular children's books (Years 3-6) * Phonics Skills books: term-by-term coverage of NLP phonics (Years 12) * Spelling: developmental scheme offering a variety of teaching strategies (Years 3-6) Stand G90

Thomas Nelson

* Ready to Read: new shared and guided reading programme (ages 4-8; fiction and non-fiction) * Reading Science: for shared and guided reading (ages 4-8) Stand PV8

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