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The Reading Schemes

* Cambridge Reading: copymaster covering letter plus Reading at Home, a four-page A5 booklet with cartoons, , plus photocopiable home reading record. QA format with brief answering points, for example: "How can I help my child to chose a book?" * Collins Pathways: copymaster letter telling parents the teacher will be using Pathways "to help your child become a fluent, confident and motivated reader", and inviting parents to a Pathways meeting at school where they can find out more "about how to help your child with reading". Photocopiable home-school reading record sheet.

* Heinemann Sunshine: copymaster four-page A5 booklet for parents - Reading at home - your questions answered. Question and answer format, with questions like "Why me? Isn't it the teacher's job to hear my child read?" and "What do I do about mistakes?" * Heinemann Storyworlds: copymaster advice page for parents on each stage, with suggestions and explanations. For example: "You read the left-hand page and help your child to read the words in the speech bubble on the right- hand page. Encourage your child to point with a finger at each word in turn". Plus photocopiable activity pages, eg sequencing pictures, colouring in.

* Longman Book Project: copymaster A4 sheet for parents for each new stage, ie fiction 1-4, non-fiction 1 2, and language 1. Includes advice on taking a child to the library, using contents page and glossary, plus background information: "There are many ways of reading. For example we do not usually read a catalogue or travel brochure in the same way we would read a novel or newspaper."

* Nelson's Flying Boot: copymaster "Parents in Partnership" sheets for each stage with activities like cutting and sticking words, making a mini-book, colouring in pictures, making word cubes for phonics games, "Draw a sign for the boys' toilet and draw a sign for the girls' toilet."

* Oxford Reading Tree: eight-page A5 glossy printed booklet for parents, including diagram of progress through the scheme, samples of pictures and text, and ideas on how you can support reading at home.

16 TES primary UPDATE june 7J1996

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