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MANAGING IT IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS. A planning tool for senior managers Pounds 10 plus Pounds 2.95 pp. National Council for Educational Technology, Milburn Hill Road, Science Park, Coventry, CV4 7JJTel: 01203 416994

This four-part pack is designed to help information technology co-ordinators manage their school's IT development against a given but flexible model. It is based on research into the practices of 10 schools selected by the authors to show worthwhile examples of IT in action.

The introduction could seem too theoretical for most teachers, verging on the academic rather than the practical. But an understanding of the stages of IT development is essential.

The A3-sized matrix (of which there are three copies) cross-refers the five stages to management, staff development, curriculum administration, re-sources, external links and evaluation, most of which are further divided.

These stages begin to make more sense as the logic of the developmental sequences becomes apparent. The provision of an empty matrix for schools to set their own targets and record their own progress is very thoughtful.

The case study schools are succinctly profiled against the categories but the action planner is the real meat. It guides you through a cycle of the five stages, encouraging change and development.

This pack will help to both inform and guide primary IT co-ordinators into better planned, soundly structured and more effective applications of IT across the curriculum.

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