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Ready and waiting;Letter

AS A newly qualified teacher (who graduated in June 1998 - PGCE French and Italian), I feel I must comment on the somewhat inaccurate information in The TES Scotland in recent weeks highlighting the chronic shortage of "well qualified and enthusiastic young graduates" (May 7) entering the teaching profession.

Let me assure you we are plenty but we are unable to obtain teaching posts in Scotland and, in many instances, are not doing supply work in our own subjects. (I was teaching art and design to S1 and S2 in one school for four weeks, while I have only taught nine days of FrenchItalian in five months. You can imagine how long it will take me to do my probation.) The situation is such that the supply (no pun intended) exceeds demand and the Government is failing to put its money where its mouth is and employing the countless newly qualified teachers who are leaving college every year with no job to go to.

Bruna Elisa Ballantyne Bullionslaw Drive Rutherglen

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