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Rebel examiner is a marked man

It was not a quiet resignation. When English teacher Adam Oliver stepped down as an examiner for the Edexcel board last month his denunciation of a system that gave him as little as six minutes to mark papers that students spent four months preparing for was splashed all over The TES and the national press.

It therefore came as a bit of a surprise to Mr Oliver, who teaches at an Oxfordshire comprehensive, to receive a batch of Edexcel Shakespeare A-level papers for marking, over two weeks after his resignation letter.

A spokeswoman for Edexcel said schools sent their scripts directly to the examiner allocated to them: "We would have sent stickers with his name on them and then sent stickers with the new examiner's name on. A school has put the wrong stickers on. This is what happens when people cancel their contracts as late as Mr Oliver did."

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