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GEOGRAPHY. Exploring Spain. By Michael Hill. This well-illustrated book for key stage 3 is a guide to the land and people of Spain. Organised thematically, it has chapters on a range of human, physical and environmental topics and includes a regional comparison of Extremadura and Catalonia. Pounds 5.25. Hodder Stoughton.

Geography in Place 2.

By Michael Raw and Sue Shaw. The second in a two-book course for GCSE. Like its predecessor, it contains a mixture of physical and human geography and includes case studies from a range of locations based on original fieldwork and exercises that provide practice in skills including Ordnance Survey map interpretation. Pounds 9.99. Collins.

Japan Atlasfile; World Population Atlasfile. These two CD-ROMs are designed to enable students to draw choropleth (distribution) maps using significant data. They also contain hundreds of activities at varying levels of difficulty and and data in KeyPlus, DataPower, Clarisworks, DIF and CSV formats for data handling activities. More than 80 photographs, categorised into geographical topics with text and audio commentary, are also provided. Pounds 35 each. Anglia Multimedia Ltd, Anglia House, Norwich NR1 3JG. Tel: 01603 615151.


French Encounters. One of a series of language teaching CD-Roms, this contains 20 dialogues to provide practice in basic situations such as booking a hotel room, asking the way and ordering a meal. Also included is a more advanced module and revision and testing exercises. Single user Pounds 95. network license or CD-ROM 10 pack: Pounds 750. Hodder Stoughton.

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