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CROSS-CURRICULAR Your Money - Be Wise. This pack aims to improve the financial awareness of schoolchildren in a lively and practical way. Curriculum-linked and for all age groups, it contains case studies, activity sheets and project guides on such subjects as budgeting, pensions, student loans and debt. Pounds 9.50. Send cheque to: Your Money, ProShare, Library Chambers, 13-14 Basinghall Street London EC2V 5BQ. Tel: 0171 600 0984.


Sigue is specially designed for students who are moving from GCSE or Standard Grade Spanish to an advanced, higher or vocational language course. It includes activities to stimulate and motivate, a case study focusing on Catalonia and ideas for individual, pair and group work. Students' book Pounds 11.99; teacher's book Pounds 25; cassette pack Pounds 28.50. John Murray. Tel: 0171 493 4361.


Access to Geography 5 by Richard Kemp, Rebecca Mason, Paul Carvin and Zo Carvin. Part of the Access to Geography series which covers key stage 3 (books 1-3) and key stage 4 (books 4-5). It is devised for the last year of GCSE. The series has been written by teachers for teachers and is presented in an accessible way. Oxford University Press Pounds 8. 0 19 833475 3.


Access to History: British History 1066-1900 by Walter Robson. The book is a compilation of three books in the key stage 3 series: Medieval Britain, Crown, Parliament and People, and Britain 1750-1900. The text uses written and visual sources; exercises are designed to encourage the use of historical sources. Oxford University Press Pounds 11. 0 19 917256 0.

Access to History: The Twentieth Century World by Walter Robson. The book has been revised to come in line with key stage 3 and now includes four new chapters on World War 1: its origins, events and aftermath. The students cover all aspects of World War 2, from the rise of dictatorships in Europe and Japan through to the start of the Cold War. The text incorporates source material, illustration and exercises. Oxford University Press Pounds 6. 0 19 833563 6.

Collins Primary History: The Tudors by Paul Noble. Part of a series written for key stage 2. There are pupils' books, a teacher's guide, and resource pack for each study unit. Questions at the end of each chapter in the student book are divided into three groups: discussion questions, things to do in groups or individually, and research questions. The resource pack comprises illustrations and posters. Collins Educational. Pounds 24. 0 00 315502 1. The Tudors, Pounds 5. 0 00 315500 5. The Teacher's Guide, Pounds 6.25. 0 00 315501 3.


National Curriculum Ginn Mathematics: New Reception by Lin and Richard Bulloch. The content is split into stages, so it can be adapted depending on how long children stay in the reception class. Core work (teacher's resource book, big book and core workbooks) consists of practicals, discussions and written activites. Enrichment work (the core-plus workbooks) broadens the children's experience and understanding. Big Book 602 26470 7. Pounds 49. 50. Core Workbook 1. 602 26466 9. Pounds 5.25. Core Workbook 2. 602 26467 7. Core-Plus Workbook 1. 602 26468 5. Pounds 3.95. Core-Plus Workbook 2. 602 26465 0. Pounds 3.95. Teacher's Resource Book. 602 26465 0. Ginn.

National Curriculum Ginn Mathematics 2+ by Rose Griffiths. This is a new level within the national curriculum Ginn mathematics programme and is designed to give bright infants more challenging material at key stage 1. The textbooks allow the children to work as independently of the teacher as possible. They include interesting activities and incorporate artwork, photographs and speech bubbles to support the children's reading. The resource book gives advice for teachers who are working with top infants. Textbook 1. 602 26644 0. Textbook 2. 602 26645 9. Pounds 2.99 each. Teacher's resource book. 602 26646 7. Pounds 15.50. Ginn.


Headwork Reading by Chris Culshaw, Michael Thomson, David Bennett, Deborah Waters and Trevor Millum. A new fiction series for 11 to 14-year-olds with the reading ablility of 8 to 9-year-olds. The books have been written by special needs experts and tried and tested in schools. Oxford University Press. Level 1 pack of six. 0 19 833554 7. Pounds 12.50. Level 2 pack of six. 0 19 833555 5. Pounds 12.50. Level 3-4 Pack of six. 0 19 833556 3. Pounds 15. Teacher's Book for Levels 1,2,3 and 4. 0 19 833399 4. Pounds 10.


Basic Physics 1 and 2 by David Sang. Support to A and AS-level modular syllabuses, which aims to provides an understanding of fundamental concepts in physics: mechanics, waves, electricity and magnetism, matter and energy. Self-assessment questions are sprinkled throughout the text with answers at the back of the book. Cambridge University Press Pounds 12.95. 0 521 48502 9.


Sociology in Focus by Paul Taylor, John Richardson, Alan Yeo, Ian Marsh, Keith Trobe and Andrew Pilkington. This book, written by A-level examiners and authors, is aimed at A-level students. Every chapter includes activities which allow the pupil to develop his or her own ideas using the preceding text. It is well-illustrated with pictures and diagrams. Causeway Press Pounds 16.95. 1 873929 21 8.

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