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Received for Review

ECONOMICS. ADVANCED LEVEL ECONOMICS: DATA RESPONSE TEACHER'S PACK. By Andy McCann and Sammy Wilson. The pack comprises a student's book and a 64 page set of answers to the data response questions. Topics include how to approach data, what data is for, seasonal adjustment, use of index numbers, and a review of how economic indicators such as inflation and unemployment are measured and presented in government publications. John Murray Pounds 16.99. - 0 7195 7010 7.

STUDIES IN THE UK ECONOMY. New titles in the series for A and AS level students edited by Bryan Hurl include The UK labour market and Transport economics and a third edition of The UK economy. Heinemann. Pounds 4.99 each. The UK Economy. - 0 435 33036 5. The UK Labour Market. - 0 435 33030 6. Transport Economics. - 0 435 33031 4.


THORNES CLASSIC SHORT STORIES. Edited by Mike Royston. New titles in the series for key stage 3 and 4 pupils include short stories by Guy de Maupassant, Katherine Mansfield and Thomas Hardy. They aim to provide unabridged stories with support material on every page. Stanley Thornes. Pounds 3.25 each. Short Stories by Guy de Maupassant. - 0 7487 2240 8. Short Stories by Katherine Mansfield. 0 7487 2199 1. Short Stories by Thomas Hardy. - 0 7487 2241 6.

MAKING TEXTS WORK: LITERATURE STRATEGIES FOR KEY STAGES 3 AND 4. Activities to help pupils fulfil the new literature requirements of key stages 3 and 4 are contained in this file of photocopiable worksheets and teacher's notes. A wide range of pre-20th-century literature is included. Stanley Thornes. Pounds 26.99.


A CONCISE ADVANCED GEOGRAPHY. By Tim Bayliss. Originally written by Tim Bayliss for his A level geography students to supplement class notes and provide easy reference at exam time. It covers key elements of A level syllabuses and includes hand-drawn illustrations, which can be reproduced in exams. Oxford University Press Pounds 7.50. - 0 19 914660 8.


BRITAIN SINCE 1930. Over 300 photographs from the Hulton Deutsch collection illustrating life in Britain from 1930 to the 1970s with information on each photo are featured on this CD-Rom for key stages 2 and 3. Health, leisure, family life and major events are among subject areas. For Acorn and IBM compatibles. Pounds 25. Anglia Television, Anglia House, Norwich, NR1 3JG.

PALACE OF WESTMINSTER POSTER showing the outside and inside of the building and incorporating facts and figures. Pounds 2.50. Poster Sights, Second Floor Studio, 29 Durngate Street, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1JP. Tel: 01305 268444.

THE LINDISFARNE GOSPELS. A video from the British Library which tells the story of the illuminated Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, showing some of the intricate pages in close detail. Pounds 12.95 Turpin Distribution, Black Horse Road, Letchworth, Herts SG6 1HN.


LESEZEICHEN EVALUATION PACK. A new series for key stage 3:Pack A (levels 3 4) and Pack B (levels 5 6). Each pack includes pupil books and teacher's notes. The texts contain graded material, key phrases and full-colour illustrations. Heinemann. Pack A. Pounds 9.95. 0 435 387 545.

CREATIVITY. By Ann Miller. A new title in the Handbooks for Language Teachers series aims to meet the modern languages national curriculum requirement that pupils should be able to take part in imaginative and creative activities. There are chapters on grammar and creativity, drama and simulations, creative writing, music, and visual images from the target culture. Mary Glasgow Publications Pounds 7. 0 7487 1814 1.

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